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Agrossist is a company that specialize in food and equipment. Tools, food for humans and their furry friends – everything you can imagine. Consumables for households, farms, businesses and gardens. We call it agronomy and gastronomy – the link between production and pleasure. We are focused on bringing forth new products that create a healthier environment – and that is why we work with ecological products and focus on the environment in everything we do.

Work with us
Agrossist is looking for craftsmen and producers in the agronomic and gastronomic sektor. We have a big focus in Demeter produktion and in Biodynamic thinking.
We wish to have a close partnership with our producers, that can give mutal benefits towards our markets. Friendship, communication, idealism, honesty and a big smile is what we like most.
We are specially looking for producers that want to take the products a step further and that can and want to, talk about products development in the market. We have a great network with chefs, photographers, food stylist, graphic designer that can be included in processes to develop and provide a exciting future together. Contact us at

Not only food
Agrossist are really focused on lifestyle partners and are looking for smart, climate focused friendship also in the non food sector. We love the idé to provide smarter things for smarter people and will have a big range of non food products.
Pleas send us information if you think you have something for us.
(Pleas respect that we will not trade without organic approved certifications and don’t try to sell non organic products – it is just a time waster for both parties)

All providers of organic products in Norway are certified by Debio. Read about them in English here:


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